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Swan Meadow Nurseries

“Mindfulness changes lives. It sustains children’s natural curiosity and helps them engage more deeply with others” - Michael Chaskalson

Peaceful Minds

Children of all ages benefit from mindfulness; the simple practice of bringing a gentle accepting attitude to the present moment creates a happy and healthy child. Nurturing children’s mindfulness from a young age immensely empowers them to be in control of their own thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness promotes skills to focus, concentrate and be patient which are key elements to holistic learning.

A broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum is delivered by inspirational educators to foster curiosity and imagination. The children are nurtured throughout their learning journey and have freedom to explore and make their own choices to motivate them to seek challenges. 

‘Wellbeing is essential to belonging,
being and becoming’

Mental and physical wellbeing gives children the confidence to experiment with and explore new ideas, developing their competence to become active and involved in learning. Children require exercise to develop physically and mentally by taking risks, singing, dancing, meditating and stretching.

Our natural environment is a playground that contributes to a child’s holistic development and positive well-being. Children are mesmerised with the simplicity of nature and the creative possibilities that emerge. Contact with nature is a source of wonder and inspiration for children and is essential to their healthy development and sense of spirituality. When children connect with nature, they are more apt to become environmentally conscious as they grow.