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Swan Meadow Nurseries

‘A healthy outside starts from the inside’ - Robert Urich​


Nutritional Philosophy

Swan Meadow Nurseries embrace a healthy lifestyle and celebrate positive attitudes towards food. Seasonal menus are inspired by comfort food whilst preserving a balance of harmony with freshness and purity. Early childhood sees the body growing tremendously and we tailor our meals to meet their nutritional needs.

Family Style Dining

Our meal time atmosphere promotes a greater degree of comfort and allows children to focus on eating, relaxing and socially interacting. Family style dining embeds warm relationships and creates a natural time for conversations. Children are encouraged to make healthy choices, inspiring lifelong behaviours.

‘To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow’

– Audrey Hepburn

Edible Garden

Our edible garden gives the children real life experiences to nurture and explore the way herbs and vegetables grow organically, from seedling to harvesting. Gardening engages multiple senses and guides children to develop and recognise them naturally. They discover the texture of soil, seeds, flowers and petals as they explore nature.

Locally Sourced Produce

Our whole milk comes from Pedigree Friesian cows that graze in open fields across the hills of Saddleworth. By supporting local farmers today, we are helping to ensure that there will be farms in our community for future generations.