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Swan Meadow Nurseries


A Wonderful Place to Flourish

Our neutral environment provides ideal stimulation for children to engage in learning as we preserve minimal visual complexity for a calm atmosphere. The indoor environment echoes a home from home ambiance to reassure your child to feel safe and settled, allowing them to reveal a natural curiosity.

The language rich environment prompts children to acquire knowledge and skills to explore ideas and pursue lines of interests by combining, refining and exploring in imaginative ways. Our approach to learning inspires invention, problem solving and thinking, offering a sense of wonder. 

Our children come together to explore our Sensory and Relaxation Room with freedom to explore sensory stimuli. Its design engages and develops children’s senses to dynamically interact with the world around them.

Our Sensory and Relaxation Room acts as a therapeutic space for children by offering an environment of relaxation. It grants a moment of calm and comfort during meditative and stretching exercises for positive thinking and a strong sense of well-being