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Swan Meadow Nurseries

Holistic Learning

Holistic Learning

‘A quote would go here if there was one’ —  Quotable

A natural way to learn

A broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum is delivered by inspirational educators to foster curiosity and imagination. The children are nurtured throughout their learning journey and have freedom to explore and make their own choices to motivate them to seek challenges.

We coherently plan and sequence learning to expose the children to a wide range of experiences that expand their understanding and knowledge of the world around them so that the children have the best opportunities to thrive.

Children’s learning and wellbeing are inspired through a balance between academic and art-based activities to maintain a gentle approach to learning throughout their early years.

Family life plays a big part in children’s learning and development and Tapestry enables us to weave their learning journey together. Working in harmony with families is an integral part of this journey as we personalise their learning to compliment their home life and family values.

A wonderful place to flourish

Our neutral environment provides ideal stimulation for children to engage in learning as we preserve minimal visual complexity for a calm atmosphere.

The indoor environment echoes a home from home character/ambience/tone/feel/mood to reassure your child to feel safe and settled to reveal a natural curiosity.

The language rich environment prompts children to acquire knowledge and skills to explore ideas and pursue lines of interests by combining, refining and exploring in imaginative ways.

Children explore our Relaxation Room…

Our Children

Our holistic approach motivates capable and curious learners as we celebrate the awe and wonder of the world. The unique child influences their individual opportunities, igniting a child-led culture throughout Swan Meadow.

Following a child-initiated approach to play means that we educate outside of the box; together we use the resources, the community and real-life opportunities that surround us to raise curious, knowledge seeking children.

We prevail in developing the whole child, balancing intellectual progress and preserving mindfulness to celebrate individuality, confidence and resilience.

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