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Swan Meadow Nurseries

About Us – 2019

About Us

Swan Meadow Nurseries are nestled in the hills of Saddleworth, in the village of Delph. The two day nurseries are located in the heart of the countryside, neighbouring Lancashire, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, attracting families from many boroughs across the North West. Many of our families reside in the Saddleworth villages of Dobcross, Uppermill, Denshaw, Diggle and Greenfield, however our community spans far and wide beyond Oldham and across the Peak District.

Our location is deeply important to us, as it profoundly influences our ethos and approach to learning as the harmony between our calming environments and outdoor learning offer a well-balanced and holistic approach to early education. Our child-led culture is the pinnacle of our ethos, and remains at the centre of our continuous investments and developments. We hope all of our children begin their journey with the freedom to explore and make discoveries, and finish their journey with us having the skills, curiosity and imagination to guide them through life.

The owners, Vincent and Elaine followed their aspiration to open a private day nursery following their long careers in education. In 2003, they took over Stepping Stones Nursery and transformed it into Swan Meadow’s first nursery setting; endless investment and expansion projects has seen Swan Meadow Nursery grow into the spacious, inviting and attractive indoor and outdoor environment that it is today. Our light and open rooms, are framed by exposed wooden beams to give a home-from-home atmosphere.

The nursery claims it unique name as it is positioned besides the large meadow area, once owned by a local farmer in Delph named Mr. Swan.

In 2012, Vincent and Elaine took the opportunity to develop another nursery within the area, Nature’s Nursery, and Swan Meadow Cottage Nursery was named as the second addition to the expanding company. Swan Meadow Cottage Nursery has been in development from its initial opening and its riverside setting boasts a charming atmosphere, alongside it’s extended woodland area that is the perfect platform for outdoor exploration.

Swan Meadow Cottage Nursery also features a successful Woodland Holiday Club for our children to continue their journey with us throughout their primary education.