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The importance of reading from an early age

The BBC have some amazing evidence and guidance to support the importance of reading from a young age. Please follow the link above to access this information through their website.

We will be extending our support through our transition within Pre-school, the children will receive their new reading books which will go home with them for the duration of reading each. These will be rotated and changed due to the children’s learning and development and reading progress.

The younger age groups will be involved in a ‘Read a book day,’ on the 6th September 2018. The children will be invited to visit the Nursery library in small groups to select and read a story book of their choice, or be involved in a group story held by their Key Practitioner.

The stories we hear as children shape our view of the world. Reading stories to children can show them far-flung places, extraordinary people and eye-opening situations to expand and enrich their world.


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