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James W (Father of child)

I will keep this short and to the point. The management and staff at Swan Meadow Cottage, continuously exceed my expectations (which are high) by constantly going above and beyond in ensuring my two children are cared for in a positive, safe, fun and loving environment. There is constant investment in time and money to ensure that the facilities only get better and the nursery is a wonderful environment for any child.

Kate M (Mother of child)

Our daughter has settled so well in her new room. She cried the first few times I left her but now she says “Yay” when we turn down the road to nursery. It’s so nice to hear staff say how happy she is when I come to pick her up.

Becky Hughes (Parent)

My son has attended Swan meadow since March 2015, it was an easy transition for all of us and i have always felt that my opinion as a parent has always been valued. The care towards my son is to an extremely high standard and the girls continuously update me on his development and areas in which they are working towards so i can implement and support this at home. Throughout his time at Swan Meadow we have seen the Nursery develop to support the children’s learning and the facilities available are never ending.

Emma (Parent)

Fantastic nursery that I’d highly recommend to anyone considering childcare options. My little boy has been at the nursery for almost two years now, starting in the Toddler room, then the 2-3 room, and has  now just started Preschool! The staff are wonderful, and they’ve ensured he’s settled in well to each room. They’re always happy to have a chat at the end of each day, and are very supportive. My son also has food allergies, and I’ve been really happy with how this has been managed. When necessary, he’s always given an alternative, freshly prepared meal, that is similar to what everyone else has, so he’s not left out. It’s little things like this that make a big difference!