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Silver Eco Award

We are pleased to announce that we have now achieved the Silver Eco Schools Award!
The Eco Tribe have all worked super hard in monitoring and ensuring that we maintain the 5 R’s within the setting and our local area.
The children have invited the parents and governing body to meetings and reviews to support them in addressing our topic of waste, whilst enhancing areas linked to the Gold Eco award.
The Tribe have been monitoring their progress through collecting data by representing their waste with colour coded counters and recognising the significant amount of reduced waste.
Through regular meetings the Eco tribe have been able to feedback to the Management Team on what areas have been improved and what other areas they would like to address.
One area they suggested was littering in the community, so the Tribe supported our local home for the elderly by clearing any waste that had been missed placed or blown into their grounds. We then extended our litter picking by clearing Swan Meadow park and the surrounding grounds around the stream, preventing any animals from being harmed by the waste. One of our neighbours is also supporting us in ‘Re-using’ food waste, by replanting fruit and vegetables to grow more produce.
After the recent fires our local Fire Marshall attended a meeting and held a short review with the tribe, teaching them the importance of correct waste disposal and explaining how to prevent future fires and keeping safe.
Please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments section to help us develop further in this area

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