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Rising Three’s (2-3 Room)

Becoming a Bear is part of the Rising Three Year Olds, where we teach the children about self-recognition, learning the skills and knowledge of independence in preparation for their transition to become a Pre-Schooler.  The Rising Three’s will transition to Pre-School in September . They will begin their transition in July, spending short sessions in the Pre-School environment. This allows them plenty of time to adapt to their new environment. 

As a bear we will begin the self-recognition by providing opportunities to share our thoughts and experiences within Shared Thinking, these are then extended and implemented throughout our planned activities and enhanced through continuous provision and outdoor learning. We will begin focused learning by introducing Letters and Sounds into their general play.

Bears and Cubs remain separate throughout the day and will join for meal times and sleeps. By running the room in this way we feel that your child benefits from exploring the different environments and engaging in more focused and enhanced activities with their key person.


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